Negative Inventory Management Software: What you don't know may make things worse.

Location-level negative balances.The balance sheet is in a negative result is not the right place to transfer in the wrong amounts or transactions in a position to use the transfer transaction. For example, if I have 100 in an "X" in the stored items 50, pick up the pieces of a shipping order, but accidentally published material "Y" is the final result will be another 100 in an "X" and -50 shows the location of the "Y" Although I have a negative balance, rather than the "Y", my project-level 50 (the sum of inventory, location) are library's collection is indeed correct. A similar situation occurs, the inventory from one location to another for a wrong "place" enter, enter an amount greater than the actual surgery. Stored, for example, if I have 100 in an "X" number of objects are moved all 100 A "Z" position, but by mistake in the 1000 volume, the final result in 1000 to force a "X" to position " Z "and -900 show again to correct my level of 100 to book stock still. Despite the level of the balance of these positions will be created storage problems, and planning should not be the cause of the problem.

Item-level negative balancesItem-level negative balances, but can influence the planning of the plant. This error can occur in a variety of transactions. Too much junk, backwash cycle count adjustment errors, information generation and use of excess production capacity overissuing materials, repeat transactions and holdings overissuing ship orders are just some examples of errors that can create project-level deficits.

The deficit correctionThe reason for this is the type of deficit (time and place-level or project level) the difference is important to ensure that its follow-up, the "correct" the deficit will not cause more serious inventory problems. If you create the timing of a negative balance, a survey of the problem, because once the deal goes through is set, it exaggerated its inventory adjustment. The same applies if you want to set up a negative equilibrium level. Where the project level before the exact balance, the current restructuring will result in an overstatement of the item-level inventory.Entry-level deficit has nothing to do with it, they should also carefully before any action is investigated. Generally, you need the negative trade balance, the same procedures are used to enter a transaction to offset the transaction. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry can make mistakes improper operating environment, but also created (with the recoil, such as transactions) and other elements.Despite the seemingly negative book inventory is very complex issues easier to handle. They are easy to identify because all you need is a report that the available number of elements is less than zero shows. Furthermore, it is usually easy to find the cause of the error, because the transaction is generally acceptable, the following measures wandering zero stock of books (if not the most likely created in a very short time before the occurrence of the negative balance).

The negative impact of inventory planning system.Besides the source of the negative stock balances, is also very important for the planning and execution systems to understand. In most planning systems, the negative balance in the project because the demand is positive. Basically, the system will tell you what to do or to buy more to offset the negative balance. Obviously this is a problem occurred when a large negative balance, but a small negative balance under certain conditions, a serious problem. For example, if you are one for the "necessary" item that you do not want any command or a configuration file in the project, says unless the actual demand (orders), the wrong attitude, driver Balance - 5 will lead to purchase five recommendations. As "necessary" is often slow moving or obsolete items in connection with related, you can simply outdated. Use results in the production of MIP, an end to the negative balance of the environment, to all the needs of the physical structure, which could result in hundreds of children of the mission statement unnecessary cascade. This is what happens when the system is generally expected of those responsible for the deficit. Some programs, whether intentionally or due to poor programming style, you can not run when they encounter a negative balance. You can ignore the negative balance of the record or simply "fly" because they were made in its calculation, a negative balance.Although there do not want one executed if found to have a negative balance of reasons for the program, there are potential problems with this logic. In fact, you may need to take action, but remained negative because of the balance calculation, you will not receive the necessary information, to lament. Since the planning, the complexity of the system, especially MRP / DRP, there is no "best" way to deal with the negative balance in the program. Such as warehouse management systems and manufacturing execution system implementation can have a negative balance of system problems. While it may not be willing to modify their systems to handle certain negative balance, you should at least know what your system is doing when they encounter negative balances.Finally, to avoid a negative balance in the first place is the best solution. Since, however, is difficult to achieve perfection, you have a backup plan. Like most of the planning is still in batch mode (night or weekend) operating, you can resolve these programs to eliminate all conflict from a negative balance. With the delivery system, are more likely to work in real time, you do not have that luxury. Fortunately, the effect on system performance in the planning system is usually less than dramatic.For a time, the significance of their actions trying to "fix" the negative balance of the importance of thinking. A "run the report, and make all" attitude will surely lead to problems. Remember, you should not at the relevant time is negative and the adjustment of the balance transfer process must be corrected only with the position of the plane are the positioning, you should try caused by the introduction of a negative trade balance, the other problems using the same procedure Correct Offset.

New Proper Inventory Management Software

If you have a successful business, regardless of what size is probably close to get all his hair. The cause of his frustration is that you are trying to find a more effective way to control and track their inventory, while saving time and money. Let's face it, the days to do its part by managing the inventory is gone. With the development of the technology came to the world of software. These programs are available for inventory control needs.

Choosing the inventory management software to be used is as important as the decision to use the software. There are many options but you must have an idea of the basics before you start checking all these elements. You should know what kind of software you need. If you have a large company or a change in inventory, open source software inventory management is more ideal. You should also know what kind of features that you and your company needs.