Taking IT Inventory - Network Inventory Management

Why do I need to take stock of my network?

Network inventory management is a must for the effective control of your computer and software asset inventory. An automated inventory system is the only way to be really far - IT systems change continuously during its life cycle. Hardware components can be added or removed, the software installed or uninstalled. Even in small IT networks, there is always growth and change and managing IT inventory manually is practically impossible.

The main objective of inventory management is to have a complete, accurate and updated all the network components such as computers, servers, printers, hubs, routers, switches, software, etc, at a minimum, the inventory management IT must be said that the device class and what is installed on the device. For any period of time, it provides inventory management is the "true" state of all infrastructure components. This means that you know what you have and where is it? throughout the corporate network.

How is the management of the assets related to my inventory of the network?

IT Asset Management (ITAM), is based on your network inventory. IT Asset Management covers the lifecycle of IT assets in its inventory, from acquisition through deployment, upgrades, patches, etc. By implementing a solution for managing IT assets, which can do more for inventory management and networked desktop. You can manage the physical, financial and contractual aspects of the assets. Implemented intelligent inventory ITAM and IT will help your organization reduce costs, improve service and reduce risk.

Taking an inventory of your organization's network is an important process. For an organization of almost any size, network inventory should ideally be an automated system for collecting information on the web.